On the Road Again

Waiting for departure from Oriental harbor.
Waiting for departure from Oriental harbor.


The past few weeks seem a blur, but the result of all the long days that have been put in is that Idle Queen is ready enough to start her voyage north.

In the past two months a lot was accomplished.  First, Idle Queen was stripped bare of anything easily removable, scrubbed inside and out with vinegar and then bleach to cut down on the musty smell of long-term storage.  We removed the disintegrating headliner that was falling down, insulation that was crumbling, and about 40 pounds of dirt from the bilges.  Much of the interior was painted.  New cushions were cut and covered with covers made from bed sheets.  Personal effects were loaded aboard.  Food was stowed.  Gear was put aboard until there was no more room, and then more gear was loaded.

The boat is cluttered with gear that I hope to sell or trade.  Mostly, it is things that I accumulated in trade for doing project work for other boaters.  For the past year, I have had a “no charge” policy when doing work for others.  Some people thanked me, some gave me money anyway, and some gave me gear.  I have replaced many worn-out pieces of gear aboard Idle Queen, but still have much to get rid of.  I am heading north with three steering-gears aboard, for instance.

I will be sure to post more soon, but for now, it is time to get going…

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