Current Position

I carry a “Spot” satellite transponder that is capable of broadcasting a position from most parts of the world. When underway, I try to send a position once per day or so. Here are a couple of different maps where you should be able to view my most recent positions:

To see a full-screen map of where Idle Queen has sailed since completing her major refit in July of 2019, CLICK HERE.

If I have sent a position within the last 7 days, it will be visible on the map below. (To see full-screen, click here.)

4 thoughts on “Current Position

  1. Hi Barry:

    Your Mom told me about your blog when I mentioned to her how I would like to cash in my American lifestyle and live off the grid out of the country. It appears that you are doing what I would like to do. I’m so excited to follow your adventures.
    Happy Sailing,
    B. Scags
    P.S. If you need a deck hand on your voyage to Spain, I’m all ears.

    1. Best of luck with your plan, Brian. I’m interested to hear how things go if you ever want to take the time to write about your off the grid adventures! Thanks for taking the time to get in touch.

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