Beautiful Bahamas

Swim call on the Great Bahama Bank
Swim call on the Great Bahama Bank

We stopped for lunch with Bernard from the Contessa 26 “Little Minute”. The weather couldn’t have been better for a swim all almost out of sight of all land…

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bahamas

  1. It is so flat is looks like an ocean-sized swimming pool. I am envious! Didn’t think you’d have time to post with your upcoming voyage so I had not visited your page for a while. The new look is great. Happy sailing!

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Drew! I have been posting because the owner of the boat really wants me to write things about the voyage and I have time to do so because, unlike when I am on my boat, there is a satellite connection to allow me to post while underway. Seems like a good use of technology to me!

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