Bahamas Arrival

Beneteau 445 Starlight on the Bahama Bank
Starlight on the Great Bahama Bank

Starlight arrived in Nassau at 1400 on Friday, June 5.

I guess this completes the short first leg of the voyage, since there will be some big changes aboard going forward from here. The owner and his family will be aboard, for one thing. This trip is the idea of the boat’s owner, Simba Hoo, who decided that he wanted to sail from the USA to his planned new home in New Zealand with his wife and two daughters, who are emigrating from China. Instead of just taking a plane over and setting up their new life, they first detoured for an entire year in the US, during which time they toured and shopped for a boat. Everyone I meet tells me that you just don’t hear about Chinese sailors, and this is something that Simba also noted. His goal is to become “China’s first cruising family”, and this is the motivation for making the voyage. There will be much to learn along the way, as the family just spent their first night aboard the boat last night. Simba was aboard to deliver the boat from Oriental, NC (where I joined this venture), to Daytona Beach, FL, but the rest of the family has not yet gone sailing on the boat. It’s going to be an interesting journey. Stay tuned for updates…

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