Sirocco has been sold

Sirocco For Sale sign
I just took down the signs a few minutes ago.

Sirocco has been sold as of today and will soon be going to a new home.

There is an old saying about the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life being the day that one buys the boat, and the day one sells the boat, but that saying is not true for me in this case.  I had many wonderful days with Sirocco.   Today is a sad one.

The past weeks I have been working on Sirocco to make her more beautiful, but she was still completely mine and I was working for my own benefit.  It was enjoyable putting a new shine on wood that had long been left grey, and fixing little things that had stayed too long on the “to do” list.  Many days showed visible improvement.  Now, I have  a little more varnishing to do; some hardware to remount; a coat of bottom paint to put on, and some cleaning to do, but these things are all for the new owner.  It will take me a little while to get used to that new fact.

I feel confident that Sirocco is going to a good home.  Hopefully her new owner enjoys this wonderful boat as much as I have.

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