Panama bound

Underway update from S/V Starlight– We are currently in the Windward Passage between Cuba and Hispaniola, sailing south at about 6 knots, with the wind thankfully from astern. We checked out of Matthew Town yesterday and got underway at about 2300 last night, after the wind shifted from SE to E. It was a good sailing breeze of a solid 25 knots when we left, so we made excellent time on a beam reach under only a triple-reefed main and a third of the genoa. Our closest point of approach to the Cuban coast kept us conservatively out of their territorial waters. We expect to arrive in Panama on Friday or Saturday. The trade winds are strong right now, so we should have a fast passage. The sun is shining and the breeze is fair. We have small seas thanks to the protection of Hispaniola. Life right now is as comfortable as it gets while at sea on a small boat. Nobody even got seasick last night. Maybe everyone is getting used to this sailing thing…

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