Up and Running Again

For anyone who visited this site between July 17 and now, I have to apologize for the error message that you likely encountered. This unfortunate downtime was caused by a security hole in the software that I use to send out emails when there is a new post. Thanks to one of my readers for alerting me of the problem by email. For anyone who uses WordPress, I encourage you to read more about the security hole that caused this problem at http://blog.sucuri.net/2014/07/remote-file-upload-vulnerability-on-mailpoet-wysija-newsletters.html. Almost 2 million sites were affected by this problem.

Fortunately, the bot or person who tried to alter this site had some syntax errors in their code, so the worst that happened seems to have been that an error message was generated and the site did not display. The site has now been thoroughly scanned, and I took the additional step of removing every file that had a change log more recent than my last update. If you notice anything on this site that now does not work, please let me know using the contact form. Thanks!

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