2 thoughts on “Harry Heckel in Portsmouth

  1. Barry,
    Enjoy your writings on the Idle Queen.
    Are you heading North in the Chesapeake Bay.
    Maybe we could meet if you come nearby. We will be sailing the Dreadnought 32 ”Ave Maria” in Sept.
    Our harbor in Old Roads Bay at North Point about 10 miles north of Annapolis on the Western shore.
    Any chance of meeting you???

    1. Hi Harry,
      I am just getting Internet access for the first time in over a week, so sorry for the long wait for a reply. I am not sure right now how long we will stay farther north, but it may be well into the fall. I will be sure to get in touch if we head south via the Chesapeake. It would be great to meet you and to see “Ave Maria”! Either way, I hope that you have some great sailing this September.

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