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Cavendsyh flying across Tampa Bay on a blustery winter day
Cavendsyh flying across Tampa Bay on a blustery winter day

So many people love the Contessa 26 that I have decided it is time to dedicate part of setforsea to this design.  I am just learning how to better organize things around here, and one of the changes that I have made is to create a Contessa 26 category, which can be found in the toolbar to the right of this page, that contains all of the posts that I write pertaining to this versatile little boat.

More videos:  I have posted most of the video log style clips that I took while sailing my Contessa 26, Cavendysh, out of the Great Lakes in fall of 2010.  I didn’t take many videos during my time on the rivers, or out on the ocean because I was running out of storage space, and was more interested in taking pictures and writing about the experiences.  The ones that I have can be found the Contessa 26 playlist on the setforsea Youtube channel.

More pictures:  I will add more pictures of Cavendysh and make a gallery on the Contessa 26 page.

More stories:  Some of the log entries and experiences on Cavendysh are worth writing about–like the time I took the mast down singlehanded… in the middle of a huge storm.

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