This isn’t easy

OK, I didn’t get far on this blog before letting it languish.  I started with all sorts of great intentions and grand visions of daily blog entries filled with humorous, insightful, entertaining, moving, memorable writing.  I had great intentions, but not much of a plan.  I wasn’t sure what exactly it was that I would write about.  I just figured that ideas would come to me out of the blue and make the writing easy.  That didn’t happen.  I just don’t have as much material that I want to share as I thought I would.

I think that a big part of the problem is that I need to be more open.  I am normally very happy keeping my thoughts to myself.  That is exactly the opposite of what I need to do to succeed as a writer!  The best writers seem to open themselves up and pour their being into their work.  I find it very difficult to do that.  It’s not that I don’t have observations, emotions, and stories to tell, it’s just that now that I am presented with an easy way to make my thoughts public I find that I am a more private person than I had realized!

Now that I have learned something new about myself I can begin the process of change.  Sailing into the sunset is easier work than personality reconstruction.  More to come soon…

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